VUCA unpacked (5)—Decision-making process

This is the final article in the VUCA unpacked series.

What are decision-making process skills?

We think of decision-making process skills as those skills that are called upon during decision-making processes. Most of these skills are also manifestations of VCoL+7 skills, which I will discuss further in the second half of this article. As noted above, decision-making process skills leverage and extend the first three mega-skills discussed in this series—collaborative capacity, perspective coordination, and contextual thinking. In fact, just about every micro-skill in the decision-making skill map exercises at least one of the first three mega-skills. Considering that most of us—especially leaders—make many decisions daily, decision-making is one of the most common contexts in which we call upon these three mega-skills.

Skill hierarchy
  1. relate to the skills in the collaborative capacity, perspective coordination, and contextual thinking maps.
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Decision-making process skills & VCoL+7

Decision-making process skills lean heavily on every single skill in the VCoL+7 model.

More about micro-VCoLing and micro-skills

Up next

Stay tuned for CAOS skills unpacked, a series of articles exploring the mega-skills associated with the Lectical Reflective Judgment Assessment (LRJA).

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Dawson, T. L. (2021). VUCA unpacked (5) — Decision-making process.

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