Recruitment disrupted: Lectica First Q&A

Theo Dawson
2 min readDec 8, 2020


Now that Lectica First has hit the market, people are asking some very good questions about our flagship recruitment product. In this post, I’ll be providing short answers to a variety of questions, starting with questions about the applicant’s experience. Feel free to pose your questions in comments or by contacting us, then check in periodically to see the answers.

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Q1: Will Lectica First reduce the applicant pool?

Yes. We aren’t yet certain how large the effect will be, but because Lectica First Assessments require a time commitment of 45–90 minutes, on average, potential applicants are likely to take the assessment only if they (1) believe they meet the qualifications for a role and (2) have a reasonable chance to be considered. We believe that this act of self-prescreening benefits both applicants and workplaces.

Q2: Does Lectica First ask too much of potential recruits?

We don’t think so. In fact, we think participating in Lectica First is advantageous even to those who are not selected for a given role. Here’s why:

  1. As noted above, applicants have the opportunity to decide whether or not they feel it is worth it to take the assessment, based on how well they think they fit role requirements (and how much they would like a free Lectical Report).
  2. Unlike other recruitment processes, Lectica First provides an immediate and valuable benefit to all applicants. Every applicant receives one of our formative reports ($200 value), which is packed with information, activities, and resources that will help them build skills for learning optimally from everyday experience.
  3. Applicants will be able to transfer existing assessment results if they wish to apply for another open role in an organization using Lectica First. The value of this benefit will grow as Lectica First gains traction.

Q3: Is it true that all of the profits from Lectica First will be used to support improvements in the education of our children?

Yes. Lectica is a mission-driven nonprofit that owns the for-profit that delivers Lectica First. All profits from Lectica First go to the non-profit and are used to fund our non-profit educational activities. Lectica First will make it possible for us to deliver our learning tools, free of charge, to individual teachers everywhere.



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