Look for the kernel of truth: A good-in-a-crisis micro-VCoL from Lectica

During a world-wide crisis, stressful thoughts and events can put us on edge, and when we’re on edge, small irritations often get blown out of proportion. To make things worse, just when our ability to deal with unsolicited advice, negative feedback, or disagreements is at it’s weakest, we’re likely to be receiving a heavier dose than usual. After all, our co-workers, friends, and loved ones are likely to be as stressed out as we are. They provide negative feedback, we get defensive, and suddenly we’re embroiled in a heated, perhaps hurtful argument.

The little micro-VCoL offered here and on our good-in-a-crisis page is designed to help people avoid unnecessary conflict by replacing defensiveness with curiosity.

Award-winning educator, scholar, & consultant, Dr. Theo Dawson, discusses a wide range of topics related to learning and development.