Future learning design podcast with Tim Logan

Theo Dawson
1 min readNov 16, 2022
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On metrics and virtuous cycles of learning

I recently sat down for a conversation with Tim Logan, from the Future learning design podcast series. It was a wonderful opportunity to describe Lectica’s mission, learning model, and approach to assessment. Here is a synopsis of what Tim had to say about the podcast:

With trillions of public money being spent on education every year, we’re never going to be able to do away with metrics to see that it’s being well-spent. But are we using the right ones right now?! Don’t we want metrics that REALLY show us whether we are successfully developing great minds!

Theo Dawson and her team at Lectica, Inc. have spent the last 3 decades developing an incredible alternative to superficial content-based multiple choice metrics! Their assessments provide schools, universities, and businesses with a deeply evidence-based way to measure the maturity and complexity of learners’ minds.

It’s the most amazing best-kept secret in education! 🤩 You NEED to know about this stuff!



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