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Theo Dawson


In June, my colleagues and I will embark on a year-long adventure called “A year of developmental delight.” For the first time in over 8 years, we’re offering a live version of our foundations course—the FOLA. The event is also a bit of a reunion. Zak Stein will return to join Clint Fuhs and yours truly as course leaders. To spice things up even more, a number of hand-picked academics and practitioners will be joining us to offer their perspectives on lectures and readings.

The video below provides a short explanation of the FOLA.

FOLA explores the developmental theory and research that underpin Lectica’s learning model and assessments. It includes 11 recorded lectures that Zak Stein and Theo Dawson delivered in a graduate-level Mind, Brain & Education course at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, plus at least one additional lecture that will bring research and theory up to date. Through engagement with lectures and selected readings, we will explore the pedagogical implications of a wide range of developmental theories.

The version of the FOLA we’re offering this year differs from the description in the video above in two important ways. It will be live, and there will be no written homework. We’re creating a stress-free learning sandbox in which the main goal is to engage developmental ideas and explore how we can connect them to real-world educational contexts.

During our year of developmental delight, main meetings will occur monthly from June 2023 to May 2024. Between the main meetings, we will host monthly regional discussions in European, American, and Australian time zones.

To view the FOLA syllabus, go to: https://lecticalive.org/about/fola

Here’s the link to the registration form: https://wkf.ms/40GWzRA

Main meeting dates are: June 3, 2023 / July 8, 2023 / Aug 5, 2023 / Sep 2, 2023 / Oct 7, 2023 / Nov 4, 2023 / Dec 2, 2023 / Jan 13, 2024 / Feb 3, 2024 / Mar 2, 2024 / April 6, 2024 / May 4, 2024

Main meetings will be held from 5:00 PM–7:00 PM New York Time.

We hope you will consider joining our year of developmental delight. After three stressful years, we’re hungry for a bit of geeky R&R with friends and colleagues!

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