Which also happens to be the rationale and evidence behind all of our work.

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Many 21st century challenges are highly complex, contested, and time-sensitive. To address them, democratic societies need citizens whose mental models and reasoning skills make it possible for them to (1) appreciate the complexity of these challenges, (2)…

For the last few months, things have really been hopping at the nonprofit that owns me. I’ve managed to start several articles, but have finished very few. If things settle down, I’ll soon be back with reports on some sobering new research on the relations between conceptions of liberty, social responsibility, and trust. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this podcast from What’s NXT.

In May, Peter Senge and I discussed skill development and the future of education at Mindshift 2021. I’ve admired Senge’s work for decades, so it was a pleasure and an honor to participate in this lively discussion.

The conversation was facilitated by Jonathan Reams, whose thought-provoking questions and comments stimulated a great conversation.


Clarity skills help us make better arguments. They also predict, support, and influence learning and development.

What are clarity skills?

At Lectica (the nonprofit that owns me), clarity skills are defined as a set of interrelated skills required for making good arguments. We evaluate the clarity skills demonstrated in responses to using rubrics that focus on the clarity skills that can be observed in these performances. …

In part two of this series about VUCA skills, the skill in focus is collaborative capacity. Collaborative capacity is one of four mega-skills that make up the meta-skill called “VUCA skills.” Collaborative capacity skills are the most foundational of all VUCA skills, in that they either support the development of…

Theo Dawson

Award-winning educator, scholar, & consultant, Dr. Theo Dawson, discusses a wide range of topics related to learning and development.

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